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International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Ethics

Cross Reference :

     IJEEE is IJEEE-doi-cross reference10.29126/24569771

     Cross Reference is the official DOI registration agency for scholarly and professional publications, including journals, books, and other content types. Cross Reference provides primary publishers with the organizational and technological backbone to facilitate linking by associating DOIs with publisher metadata. There is no centralized repository of abstracts or full text involved. Membership is open to publishers in all content areas.

     The DOI, or digital object identifier, serves as a persistent, actionable identifier for intellectual property online. DOIs can be assigned at any level of granularity, and therefore provide publishers with an extensible platform for a variety of applications.

     Cross Reference is the only DOI registration agency with a cross-publisher linking network. With your publications registered in the Cross Reference database, over 4500 participating organizations � other publishers, A&I databases, aggregators, and libraries � will be able to link automatically to your content.