Publication Fee | IJEEE Journal

IJEEE - Mode of Payments:

1.Payment options for Indian Authors :

* You can choose anyone of the following option for payment

1. Authors can directly pay to our bank account which is mentioned in our acceptance mail.

2. Through net banking, you can transfer amount to our specified account number in our acceptance mail.

3. You can choose following link for online payment option.

Online Payement Gateway For Indain Authors:

2. Payment options for Foreign Authors :

1 . Depositing fees directly by near bank branch to the account given in acceptance letter

2 . By any of your Net banking account to the account given in acceptance letter.

3 . Foreign authors can pay the amount through Western Union Money transfer/ Money Gram/ Express Money, etc.

Online Payement Gateway For Foreign Authors:

Make Payment Online In USD (Paypal)

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